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troubleshooting by telephone

after receiving the customer's technical service demand, the sales engineer or technical service engineer will contact the customer by telephone in time to confirm the customer's information. if it is a product fault, then they will understand the product fault in detail, in order to eliminate the fault in a very short time. the technical service engineer will instruct the customer's professional staff (electrical engineer, electrician) by telephone to carry out maintenance operations and continue to determine the cause of the fault until it is eliminated. in particular, wiring errors and operation mistakes caused by similar customer reasons can be solved by guidance over the phone. for problems that cannot be solved by phone, it is also possible to learn about product failures over the phone to facilitate new products and accessories for replacement or repair by application before the door-to-door service.

return and exchange process

"quality return and exchange process" and "business return and exchange process" is a management process for the company to replace faulty products for customers. the purpose is to standardize the return and exchange operation process, provide customers with quick technical services, strengthen the management of reworked machines, enhance market competitiveness, improve the processing mechanism of documents, improve quality control, establish a reasonable, quick and standardized channel for the return and exchange of the company's products, quickly provide new products needed by customers and recycle defective products.

on-site troubleshooting

the technical service engineer will contact the customer by phone before the on-site service, ask the customer to prepare and provide the on-site conditions. after confirming that it is possible to provide on-site service, the engineer will bring tools, accessories and other necessary items, and carry the work license (with the seal of the personnel department and administration department of the company) to the site. if the arrival time is delayed due to traffic jam, the technical service engineer will inform the customer by phone and apologize to the customer after arrival for understanding.

the engineer first shows the tyt working card to the customer to show his/her identity, and asks the customer about the product failure on site, and is led by the customer to the place where the product is located, and the customer will arrange the power outage and then start the repair. the customer shall accompany all the way, monitor and understand the engineer's service attitude and professional level, and finally sign the opinion on the "after-sales service registration form".

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