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tyt-future seriessmart cloud · digital home system

tyt smart home system creates a living environment with a residence as the platform and installed with smart home system, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home - system design program security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the facilities related to residential life, build an efficient management system of residential facilities and domestic affairs, enhancing home security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and achieving an environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment.

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tyt-future seriesintelligent cloud·fire management system

it can realize the interconnection of multiple devices for firefighting and realize real-time prevention and timely out of fires through automatic inspection and leakage and over-temperature monitoring.

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tyt-future seriessmart cloud · charging pile management system

tyt is committed to providing charging operators with a work platform with flexible function expansion, simple and lightweight interface, providing daily management and operation management functions; integrate resources of charging operators, charging customers, electrical enterprises and charging station owners to improve the efficiency on the use of charging stations, charging customer experience and operation efficiency; make stage statistics on electricity consumption, customer flow and charging revenue to make decision basis for subsequent operation and investment, and share the database of power station equipment, user database and the database of electricity consumption benefits with third-party platform operators, thus minimizing customer operation costs.

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tyt-future seriessmart cloud · power distribution management system

based on the problems faced by modern smart power distribution, tyt launches tyt-future smart cloud power distribution management platform. the platform integrates smart cloud components such as smart cloud atse and smart cloud circuit breaker, takes "interconnection" as the core, promotes the concept of "internet of things", and builds a cloud platform relying on guizhou's abundant big data resources, and reduces energy consumption and provides fault warning through data mining and interconnection technology, thus comprehensively improving the efficiency of operation and maintenance and reducing the cost of project operation, and comprehensively empowering the intelligence of power distribution.

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