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tbbq7 series (pc-grade)smart iot dual power transfer switch


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tbs series (sts)static transfer switch

tbs series static transfer switch is tyt product with contactless electronic transfer technology, with rated current covering 32~630a, conversion time less than 5ms, and bypass function for easy maintenance, which is widely used in key industries such as energy industry, aerospace, data communication, rail transportation, medical, etc. to ensure reliable and stable operation of loads with high requirements for allowing power failure, such as industrial control system, communication system, emergency power supply system, lighting system, etc.

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tbbq5 seriesdual power transfer switch

tbbq5 series automatic transfer switch is an integrated dual-power transfer switch with the controller built inside the body. the product is suitable for distribution system of ac 50hz, 400v and below, which is used to monitor the power supply circuit. when a deviation (undervoltage, overvoltage, loss of voltage, etc.) is monitored for one of the two power sources (common power supply and backup power supply or power generator), it automatically switches one or several load circuits from that power supply to the other power supply, which is widely used in power distribution systems for civil buildings, business, industry, computer centers, highways, fire protection, security, etc.

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tbbq4 seriesdual-power transfer switch

tbbq4 series adopts tyt's self-researched and self-made circuit breaker as the actuator, and is equipped with a new type of electromechanical interlocking operator, which is suitable for three-phase power distribution system with ac 50hz and line voltage 400v and below.

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tbbq3 series (pc-grade)dual-power transfer switch

tbbq3 series dual power transfer switch is tyt's star type dual power transfer switch products, with a rated current covering 16~5000a, with dual categories of use ac-33ia/ac-33b, meeting the needs of power end and end use. it has options such as neutral overlap conversion, pull-out bypass, instantaneous parallel conversion function, etc., which is widely used in rail transit, data communication, energy industry, medical and other industries to ensure reliable and stable operation of their power loads.

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tbbq2 series (cb)dual-power transfer switch

tbbq2 series adopts the circuit breaker produced by tyt with more than 40 years of manufacturing experience as the actuator and is equipped with an integrated smart controller. when a fault such as undervoltage or shortage is detected, it can automatically switch to the backup power supply; it has short-circuit and overload protection functions, meeting the requirements of the electrical circuit for selective protection. its breaking capacity is much larger than that of the dual-power transfer switch composed of other components such as contactors, featuring high safety and reliability, and is suitable for use in lines with ac 50hz, rated voltage up to 400v and below, and rated current up to 630a and below.

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