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mk1 seriescontrol and protection switches

mk1 series control and protection switches are applicable to electrical systems with ac 50/60hz, rated voltage 690v, rated current 0.16~100a, and are used to connect, carry and break the current under normal conditions and also under the specified abnormal conditions. this series has optional leakage type, isolation type, communication type and fire type, and can be widely used in industries such as industrial and mining, high-rise buildings, commercial and household places.

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mc1 seriesac contactor

mc1 series ac contactors are mainly used in circuits with ac 50/60hz, rated current 9~2600a, rated voltage 1000v and below, and used for long-distance connection, breaking circuits and frequent starting control of ac motors. this series also has optional switching capacitor contactor, and can be used in combination with thermal relay, which can be widely used in civil buildings, public buildings, industrial and other industries.

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mr1 seriesthermal relay

mr1 series overload thermal relay is suitable for circuit of ac 50/60hz, rated voltage 690v, current 0.1~630a, and is used for overload and phase breaking protection of ac motor in long-term working or intermittent long-term working, which can be put together with contactor to form electromagnetic starters.

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mg1 seriesisolation switch

mg1 series isolation switch is applicable to distribution network of ac 50hz, rated voltage ac400/690v, rated current 63~3150a, and used for infrequent connection and breaking of circuits and line isolation.

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