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scb seriesepoxy cast dry type transformer

scb series epoxy cast dry type transformer is our product of independent innovation combined with advanced technology, with high and low voltage winding using high-quality oxygen-free copper wire for winding (low-voltage coil by copper foil, and small capacity by wire). it adopts cured sealing by casting epoxy resin to form a solid and rigid body. the product has the advantages of strong lightning shock resistance, small partial discharge (<5pc), effective reduction of no-load loss, no-load current, etc. the rated capacity of the transformer is available from 30kva-3150kva (special products can be customized), which can be widely used in key industries such as rail transit, data communication, public buildings, commercial centers and commercial houses to ensure safe, reliable and stable operation of their electric loads.

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sg(b) serieseco-friendly immersed h-grade dry-type transformer

this product is a dry type transformer with dupont nomex paper as the main insulating material and immersed with h-grade insulating paint under vacuum pressure. the product has the advantages of high heat-resistant temperature, good heat dissipation, good flame retardancy, strong overload capacity, etc. the product adopts open design and can run stably at 180℃ without fan design, with low noise and strong overload capacity; the high and low voltage windings of the product adopt vacuum dipping paint process, which can be completely recycled without any pollution, meeting the national demand of ecological environment construction by "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", and is the ideal supporting product for critical or special sites such as rail transit, financial centers, airports and high-grade communities, which have strict requirements on power supply quality.

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scb-rl seriesdimensional rolled-core dry-type transformer

scb-rl series three-dimensional rolled-core dry-type transformer is an ideal distribution equipment with new magnetic circuit structure, high efficiency and low consumption, energy saving, safety and environmental protection developed by our company, which adopts three-dimensional triangular rolled-core components. after assembling and annealing, the three-phase magnetic circuit is completely symmetrical, reducing the magnetoresistance greatly and significantly and excitation current and no-load loss. after vacuum casting, the coil conductor and resin insulation layer form a complete rigid body, with good mechanical strength, strong ability to withstand short circuit, and good moisture and dirt-proof performance, which can be widely used in places requiring fireproof and explosion-proof such as urban high-rise buildings, residential communities, important organs, airports, subways, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, ships, ports, mines etc.

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