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zbw seriespre-installed substation (european-style box transformer)

zbw high-voltage/low-voltage pre-assembled substation (commonly known as european substation) is an outdoor type assembled distribution device product for 6-12kv ring network or radiation power supply system. it is an independent public accessible substation that combines 6-12kv high-voltage switchgear, maximum rated capacity of 6-12kv/0.4kv, 1600kva power transformer and low-voltage switchgear together while installed in an enclosed box, which meets gb 17467-2010 "high-voltage/low-voltage prefabricated substation".

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zgs seriescombined transformer (american box transformer)

zgs series american box transformer is a complete set of equipment combining combined transformer, load switch and protection fuse device of high-voltage receiving part, metering and switch of low-voltage distribution part, etc., which has the characteristics of small size, less investment, convenient operation, fast installation and simple maintenance etc.

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ybd seriespre-installed underground substation

ybd pre-installed underground substation is composed of the transformer part buried underground and the high- and low-voltage distribution cabinet part located above ground, which is widely used in urban buildings, both sides of roads, living communities, municipal facilities, mines and oil fields, ports, tourist attractions, etc. the products meet the relevant standards such as gb17467.

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