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tbf series

smart electrical fire monitoring system
tbf series smart electrical fire monitoring system is tyt's fire protection system product to prevent the fire caused by abnormal high temperature, arc and spark generated by electrical wiring and electrical equipment due to improper installation and use, aging of wiring or mechanical damage, which ignite combustible materials near the fire. it has passed the cccf certification test and can monitor a maximum of 512 sites, with residual current transformers up to 2000a and a maximum temperature detection of 200 degrees, and is widely used in places such as building construction, data communication, rail transit, industry, and medical care to avoid casualties and property damage caused by fire.

fine and protective

● maximum 8-way residual current or 8-way temperature monitoring, with a minimum leakage alarm of 30ma and a maximum temperature alarm of 140°c
● it has two alarm functions of primary warning and secondary alarm to foresee fire hazards

complete solutions and smart interconnection

● it has split, stand-alone and all-in-one detectors, with diversified solutions
● it has external communication function of 4g, wifi and bluetooth to help smart firefighting

convenient inspection and caring maintenance

● unpolarized two-bus communication, with long communication distance, and no need to distinguish between positive and negative, which is easy for installation
● it has lcd chinese display, with adjustable parameter panel keys, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance

  • 轨道交通地铁低压配电系统为除牵引负荷外的所有运营所需的机电设备提供低压电源,高度重视低压配电系统供电的可靠性、有效性。

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  • 数据中心是一个聚集了大量服务器、存储设备、网络设备及配套ups、精密空调等设备的it设备场所。

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  • 中大型楼宇的供电电压一般采用10kv,有时也可采用35kv。为了保证供电可靠性,应至少有两个独立电源。

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  • 医院的消费系统,不仅需符合民用建筑规范要求、建筑防火规范要求,也需符合医院对消防供电可靠性、连续性要求。

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  • 工业行业由于其设备负荷的特殊性,生产的连续性,要求供电可靠不能间断。

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  • 风电行业由于其所处环境以及负荷类别的特殊性,要求具有极高可靠性和供电连续性。

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  • 为了系统安全,电网运营商通常要求光伏发电系统通过隔离升压变压器接入低压/中压配 电网实现并网运行。

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  • 充电桩可以固定在地面或墙壁,可以根据不同的电压等级为各种型号的电动汽车充电。

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