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tbbq7 series (pc-grade)

smart iot dual power transfer switch

smart interconnection, convenient operation and maintenance

● to support gprs, wifi, tcp/ip, bluetooth and other modes of communication
● to interconnect with cloud power distribution platform in the cloud for real-time monitoring of electrical parameters and energy efficiency analysis

temperature rise monitoring, fault warning

● to monitor real-time temperature rise with built-in high-precision temperature sensor
● to warn faults in real time through pc and app of mobile devices

excitation drive for excellent performance

● excitation drive, with ms-level high-speed conversion
● rated current 16~4000a, with full series ac-33a top category of use

  • the low-voltage power distribution system of rail transit metro provides low-voltage power supply for all electromechanical equipment required for operation except traction load, laying great emphasis on the reliability and effectiveness of the power supply of low-voltage power distribution system.

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  • data centers gather a large number of servers、存储设备、网络设备及配套ups、精密空调等设备的it设备场所。

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  • the voltage of power supply for medium and large buildings is generally 10kv,有时也可采用35kv。为了保证供电可靠性,应至少有两个独立电源。

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  • hospital consumption system, not only needs to meet the requirements of civil building codes, building fire code requirements, but also needs to meet the requirements of hospital on消防供电可靠性、连续性要求。

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  • due to the special nature of the equipment load and the continuity of production in the industrial industry, the power supply must be reliable and uninterrupted.

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  • due to a certain environment and load category in the wind power industry的特殊性,要求具有极高可靠性和供电连续性。

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  • for system security, grid operators often require伏发电系统通过隔离升压变压器接入低压/中压配 电网实现并网运行。

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  • the charging pile can be fixed to the ground or wall and can charge various models of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels.

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