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mb50lr series

automatic reclosing circuit breaker
mb50lr series automatic reclosing circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is suitable for power supply and power consumption system with ac 50hz, rated working voltage ac400v, rated current 50a to 800a with direct grounding of three-phase four-wire neutral point. it can also provide protection against ground fault, overload, short circuit, phase loss, undervoltage and residual current action of the line, which can protect the circuit and electrical equipment from damage, and also provide protection against possible grounding faults and indirect personal contact of the circuit.

multiple protection for safe and reliable

● triple protection with long delay, short delay and instantaneous, with electronic trip
● over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, phase loss protection
● protective functions and parameters can be set online

automatic reclosing

● it can automatically re-close after 20~60 seconds after the residual current exceeds the action trip of the action current value

smart control for convenient and friendly

● cyclic display of operating voltage, current, real-time residual current value
● trip type (residual current, interlock, overload, undervoltage, overvoltage, phase loss) identification, display, as well as storage, query, an deletion

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