the school of chemistry and pharmacy of guangxi normal university is one of the earliest science departments established by guangxi normal university. the predecessor of the school of chemistry and pharmacy was the department of physics and chemistry of guangxi teachers college, founded in 1941. in 1954, it began to enroll undergraduate students and changed its name to the department of chemistry. in 1982, it began to enroll graduate students. in 1995, it was renamed the department of chemistry and chemical engineering. the school of chemistry and chemical engineering was established in june, and the school of chemistry and pharmacy was established in june 2013. the school has 93 faculty members and 1,159 students of various types, including 800 full-time undergraduates, 294 postgraduates, 29 masters of education, and 36 doctoral students.

    the school of chemistry and pharmacy has a doctoral degree in chemical first-level disciplines and a post-doctoral research station. it consists of five second-level doctoral degree programs in inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics. there are master's degree programs in chemical first-level disciplines and master's degree programs in chemical engineering and technology. they are: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics, chemical engineering, chemical engineering, biology. 10 second-level master's degree programs in chemical engineering, applied chemistry, and industrial catalysis. there are master's degree programs in engineering (pharmacy engineering), and graduate students in courses and teaching theory, subject teaching (chemistry) and other disciplines.

    the school of chemistry and pharmacy has a team of teachers with strong research ability, high teaching level, reasonable academic qualifications, professional titles and reasonable age structure. there are 64 full-time teachers, including 40 professors, accounting for 62.5%, 19 associate professors, accounting for 29.7%, 3 lecturers, accounting for 4.7%; 51 teachers with doctoral degree, accounting for 79.7%, 7 teachers with master's degree , accounting for 10.9%; a total of 21 doctoral tutors, 51 master's tutors (including professional master's tutor). the college has one 'national-level young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions', four people who enjoy 'the state council special allowance expert', and the 'national level one hundred million talent project' first and second level candidates, 'china youth science and technology award' one winner, one 'national excellent science and technology worker', one from the china association for science and technology's 'western development outstanding contribution award', one from the national natural science outstanding youth fund, and one from the ministry of education's 'young college teacher award'. there are 4 candidates for the 'new century excellent talents support program' of the ministry of education, 1 person for the first level of the '100 talent project' in guangxi, and 8 persons for the second level of the '100th talent project for the new century' in guangxi. 'guangxi zhuang autonomous region 2 outstanding experts, 1 'guangxi outstanding professional and technical personnel', 4 candidates for guangxi '100 young and middle-aged academic leaders', and 5 candidates for guangxi 'high-level talents funding program', guangxi 'banggui scholars' 4 people, 7 'guangxi youth science and technology award' winners, 1 'guigui master' in guangxi, 1 teaching master in guangxi higher education, and winner of the guangxi natural science outstanding youth fund 9 people.

    the school of chemistry and pharmacy has good teaching conditions. there are 9,700 square meters of office and basic laboratory building and 9,000 square meters of state key laboratory experimental building. there are high-resolution liquid chromatography-mass spectrometers, x-ray single crystal diffractometers and other large and medium-sized professional instruments and equipment, more than 60 sets of software, the total value of equipment is about 55 million yuan. undergraduate chemistry major is the “twelfth five-year” national specialty specialty, and the “13th five-year” national professional comprehensive reform pilot program is the first batch of fine professional in guangxi, the first batch of advantageous specialty in guangxi and the first batch of high-quality professional in guangxi.

    the school of chemistry and pharmacy is very active in academic exchanges and cooperation. since 2006, it has successfully hosted the 17th international conference on bioinorganic chemistry, inorganic drug chemistry satellite conference, international chip lab conference, china-danish protein hydrolase international conference, 2012 china analytical chemistry frontier forum, the 12th national symposium on organic synthetic chemistry, the 3rd national conference on atomic spectroscopy and related technology, the 2015 national postdoctoral forum on medicinal chemistry, the 18th national conference on solid state ionology and international electrochemical storage major technical conferences such as technical forums.

    in the history of more than 70 years of schooling, the school of chemistry and pharmacy has been adhering to the school motto spirit of “respecting teachers, dedication and professionalism” and the rigorous and realistic school-running philosophy, focusing on the comprehensive development of teaching and scientific research, and has become the strongest comprehensive strength of guangxi normal university. the institute of science and technology has trained more than 8,000 high-quality professionals for the society. they are located in guangxi and even the national chemical and related industries, and have made positive contributions to the modernization of the motherland and the economic and social development of guangxi.