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    the college openly recruits high-level subject leaders, high-level talents and excellent doctorates for a long time at home and abroad. for academicians of the academies of the two academies, the thousands program of the central organizational department, the special professors and lecturers of the yangtze river scholars of the ministry of education, the leaders and outstanding talents of the thousands of people program, the winners of the project of the national outstanding youth science fund, the national candidates of the millions project in the new century, the top young talents of the thousands of people program, the young scholars of the yangtze selectors, winners of the national natural science foundation's outstanding youth project and other high-level disciplines, take one person, one discussion to determine the introduction treatment through consultation. green channels should be adopted to introduce high-level talents with the potential of being selected into the national thousand youth program, the national special support program, the national excellent youth fund and the guangxi overseas high-level talents hundred people program. at the same time, we warmly welcome excellent doctor and doctor to apply for full-time teacher post, full-time scientific research post and teacher post-doctoral post.

    excellent scholars at home and abroad are warmly welcome to join the college of chemistry and pharmacy of guangxi normal university to display their wisdom and talents.

    office telephone: 0773-5856134 (miss. yao)


    address: school of chemistry and pharmacy sciences, guangxi normal university, no. 15 yucai road, qixing district, guilin city, guangxi

    zip code: 541004