with the fundamental mission of cultivation, this major focuses on cultivating perseverance, good moral character, and solid grasp of basic chemical theories, knowledge and skills. it has a keen scientific thinking, a good humanistic quality and a strong sense of social responsibility, and has a high level of innovation. consciousness and the ability of lifelong learning, practice and research, can be engaged in research and development of chemical and related disciplines in scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises, and high-quality, innovative chemical disciplines.

    professional core courses: inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, instrumental analysis, structural chemistry and corresponding experimental courses.

    the main experimental courses include: basic experiments (i-iv), modern instrumental analysis experiments, chemical basic experiments, comprehensive chemical experiments.

    this major is a national-level specialty, and is also the first batch of pilot programs for the comprehensive reform of the national 12th five-year major. it has four autonomous region-level courses, including inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and middle school chemistry teaching. 1 national-level chemical experiment teaching demonstration center and 3 school-level teaching teams.

    relying on the doctoral authorization point of the first-level discipline of chemical science (under the five-level disciplines of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics), a post-doctoral research station.