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公司新闻 2022-09-14

tyt - chongqing university 2022 industry university research internship project

in 2020, tyt taiyong long march, together with the school of electrical engineering of chongqing university and the electrical branch of china association of survey and design, will establish a "production, teaching and research base" in guizhou zunyi taiyong long march intelligent manufacturing base.

over the past two years, relying on the "production, education and research base", tyt taiyong long march has provided a practice base with complete conditions for more than 60 outstanding students of chongqing university, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

in august 2022, another group of outstanding students from the school of electrical engineering of chongqing university came to taiyong long march intelligent manufacturing base. in 12 days and 288 hours, students have deepened their understanding of the industry through practice, expanded their professional knowledge reserves and achieved transformation.

on august 15, the production, teaching and research internship project of chongqing university opened. zhao guobing, general manager of taiyong long march intelligent manufacturing base, lv lan, deputy general manager, and luo lingyan, a teacher from chongqing university attended the opening ceremony.

during the internship, the lecturer of taiyong long march intelligent manufacturing base explained to the students a series of courses, including basic knowledge of dual power supply, basic knowledge of frame circuit breaker, basic knowledge of molded case circuit breaker, knowledge of transformer and complete sets of products, and knowledge of charging pile products.

in order to further consolidate the knowledge learned, tyt taiyong long march arranged students to come to the product exhibition hall to observe the circuit breaker, charging pile and other products on the spot under the leadership of the lecturer, so as to deepen the understanding of the knowledge learned.

tyt taiyong changzheng, as an enterprise with the whole production chain of raw material processing, finished product assembly and logistics transportation, has built a production workshop with leading technology. in order to let students know the production process of electrical products on the spot, tyt taiyong long march arranged a workshop visit and practical operation course.

through the explanation of on-site engineering technicians, the students fully understood the production process and technology of electrical products, and deepened the combination of theoretical knowledge and practice.

since its establishment, tyt taiyong long march has always attached great importance to innovative research and development. it has built an electrical laboratory with multiple certifications of cnas, tuv rhine and tuv south germany, and has a profound technical accumulation.

in order to let students understand deeper technical knowledge, tyt taiyong long march arranged electrical laboratory learning courses. through the instructor's teaching and field operation, students fully learned electrical experiment related knowledge.

after the 12 day industry university research practice, the students summarized their internship trip in the form of internship reports, which also brought the internship project of the industry university research base to a successful end.

at the graduation ceremony, the representative of tyt taiyong long march congratulated the students on their successful completion of the internship task, and hoped that they could be good at learning and enterprising in their future studies and work, and write a new chapter of youth.

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