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公司新闻 2022-06-23

the world's first desert loop line!

on june 16, as the last ring of the railway line around taklimakan, the heruo railway was officially opened, which means that the taklimakan desert, the second largest mobile desert in the world known as the "sea of death", was formally "encircled" by the railway.

the circular taklimakan railway line is also the first and only desert railway loop line in the world. tyt taiyong long march participated in the construction of the electrical system of the railway loop line and hotan section of the zhonghe ruo railway, contributing to the consolidation of border national defense and the revitalization of the region.

crossing the "sea of death"

horuo railway is located at the southern edge of taklimakan desert, and 65% of the total mileage of the line is distributed in the sandstorm area, so the equipment operation conditions are extremely bad.

at the same time, because the railway is located in places where people are rarely seen, once a fault occurs, the operation and maintenance is extremely difficult. therefore, heruo railway has extremely strict requirements on the reliability and stability of electrical system components.

to meet the needs of railway construction, tyt taiyong long march "multi pronged", giving full play to the advantages of the whole chain from production, quality control to service, and providing intelligent solutions with molded case circuit breakers and miniature circuit breakers as the core to ensure the efficient and continuous operation of the railway.

if the railway is located in the desert, in order to ensure the smooth mobilization of products, the tyt taiyong long march service team has kept communication with the project party throughout the whole process, and still went to the site to provide technical support many times under bad conditions.

the railway bears the heavy responsibility of regional development. the completion of each railway is inseparable from stable power distribution.

tyt taiyong long march rail transit solution will "compete" with safety and reliability behind the railway operation and become a reassuring hero behind the scenes.

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