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公司新闻 2022-05-20

energized energy transformation

at the moment when the climate crisis is intensifying, the pace of global carbon reduction continues to accelerate. china has also tightened the pace of energy transformation by proposing the "dual carbon strategy".

in 2021, china's pv module output will rank first in the world for 15 consecutive years, the polysilicon output will rank first in the world for 11 consecutive years, and the cumulative installed capacity will rank first in the world for 7 consecutive years.

in 2021, china will account for 51% of the world's new installed capacity of onshore wind power and 80% of the world's new installed capacity of offshore wind power, officially becoming the country with the largest cumulative installed capacity of both onshore and offshore wind power in the world.

behind the rapid development of new energy power generation in china, as an expert in the field of medium and low voltage power distribution and new energy, tyt taiyong long march has also provided professional solutions and services for the construction of many key new energy projects, such as wucheng county wind farm jiamaying project, guozong energy karamay district 50 mw pv project, xinjiang haitian delta zheneng beitashan wind farm.

the electrical system is the foundation for the high reliability of wind power photovoltaic equipment.

based on the requirements of wind power photovoltaic project for high stability and long service life of electrical equipment, tyt taiyong changzheng has provided ma40hu series high-performance wind power frame circuit breakers and mb70hu series molded case circuit breakers to protect the electrical system.

among them, ma40hu series high-performance wind power frame circuit breakers are specially customized for the wind power photovoltaic industry.

according to statistics, electrical system related faults in the wind farm account for 60% of all faults.

therefore, it is crucial to improve the reliability and operation and maintenance efficiency of the electrical system. in order to achieve these, a comprehensive and reliable product line, digital technology application, and rich practical experience are particularly critical.

more complete product line: compared with most brands in the market at present, tyt taiyong changzheng has a more comprehensive product line covering medium voltage, low voltage, power transformation and distribution, which is applicable to current transformation system, master control system, power collection and boost system and boost grid system.

stronger digitalization: empowering products with digital technology has become a major differential value of tyt's long march in the market. in view of the highly decentralized and difficult operation and maintenance characteristics of the wind power photovoltaic field, tyt taiyong long march has added intelligent attributes to the bottom products, facilitating the comprehensive monitoring and self diagnosis of the system, so that the entire system can be interconnected at the bottom.

more experience: in more than ten years of industry development, tyt taiyong long march has met the diversified needs of customers and accumulated rich practical experience by providing leading and complete intelligent solutions and services to power generation groups, fan manufacturers, subsystem manufacturers, general contractors of booster stations and other customers.

combining the three advantages, tyt taiyong long march can help wind power photovoltaic enterprises improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of the whole link of the electrical system from components to systems, from design selection to operation and maintenance management, meet the full life cycle needs of power generation enterprises in optimizing the monitoring, operation and maintenance of sensitive electrical equipment, greatly improve the overall availability of the system, and further optimize the operation and maintenance cost and quality.

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