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academic achievement

1. jing-jing fan, you-jun fan*, rui-xiang wang, sheng xiang, hua-guo tang, shi-gang sun*. a novel strategy for the synthesis of sulfur-doped carbon nanotubes as a highly efficient pt catalyst support toward the methanol oxidation reaction, j. mater. chem. a, 2017, 5, 19467-19475  (if = 8.867)

2. xiao-jie zhang, jun-ming zhang, pan-yu zhang, yang li, sheng xiang, hua-guo tang, you-jun fan*. highly active carbon nanotube-supported ru@pd core-shell nanostructure as an efficient electrocatalyst toward ethanol and formic acid oxidation, mol. catal., 2017, 436, 138-144  (if = 4.211)  editor’s choice paper

3. jun-ming zhang, rui-xiang wang, rui-jiao nong, yang li, xiao-jie zhang, pan-yu zhang, you-jun fan*. hydrogen co-reduction synthesis of pdptni alloy nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes as enhanced catalyst for formic acid electrooxidation, int. j. hydrogen energy, 2017, 42, 7226-7234  (if = 3.582)

4. jun-ming zhang, sheng-nan sun, yang li, xiao-jie zhang, pan-yu zhang, you-jun fan*. a strategy in deep eutectic solvents for carbon nanotube-supported ptco nanocatalysts with enhanced performance toward methanol electrooxidation, int. j. hydrogen energy, 2017, 42, 26744-26751  (if = 3.582)

5. youjun fan*, junming zhang, qingyu li, jiujun zhang*. advanced anode catalysts for direct alcohol fuel cells, chapter 1 of “nanomaterials for direct alcohol fuel cells”, edited by yixuan wang, pan stanford publishing, 2016, 1-62

6. rui-xiang wang, you-jun fan*, zhi-rong liang, jun-ming zhang, zhi-you zhou, shi-gang sun*. pdsn nanocatalysts supported on carbon nanotubes synthesized in deep eutectic solvents with high activity for formic acid electooxidation, rsc adv., 2016, 6, 60400-60406  (if = 3.289)

7. rui-xiang wang, you-jun fan*, li wang, li-na wu, sheng-nan sun, shi-gang sun*. pt nanocatalysts on polyindole functionalized carbon nanotubes composite with high performance for methanol electrooxidation, j. power sources, 2015, 287: 341-348  (if = 6.395)

8. li-na wu, yi-liang tan, li wang, sheng-nan sun, zhi-yu qu, jun-ming zhang, you-jun fan*. dopamine sensor based on a hybrid material composed of cuprous oxide hollow microspheres and carbon black, microchim. acta, 2015, 182: 1361-1369  (if = 4.831)

9. rui-xiang wang, jing-jing fan, you-jun fan*, jing-ping zhong, li wang, shi-gang sun*, xing-can shen. platinum nanoparticles on porphyrin functionalized graphene nanosheets as superior catalyst for methanol electrooxidation, nanoscale, 2014, 6: 14999-15007  (if = 7.76)

10. jian-qiang zeng, sheng-nan sun, jing-ping zhong, xiao-feng li, rui-xiang wang, li-na wu, li wang, you-jun fan*. pd nanoparticles supported on copper phthalocyanine functionalized carbon nanotubes for enhanced formic acid electrooxidation, int. j. hydrogen energy, 2014, 39: 15928-15936  (if = 3.582)

11. lu wei, you-jun fan*, jing-hua ma, liu-hong tao, rui-xiang wang, jing-ping zhong, hui wang. highly dispersed pt nanoparticles supported on manganese oxide- poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-carbon nanotubes composite for enhanced methanol electrooxidation, j. power sources, 2013, 238: 157-164  (if = 6.395)

12. jing-ping zhong, you-jun fan*, hui wang, rui-xiang wang, li-li fan, xing-can shen, zu-jin shi. copper phthalocyanine functionalization of graphene nanosheets as support for platinum nanoparticles and their enhanced performance toward methanol oxidation, j. power sources, 2013, 242: 208-215  (if = 6.395)

13. yan-qin zhang, you-jun fan*, lei cheng, li-li fan, zhuo-yuan wang, jing-ping zhong, li-na wu, xing-can shen, zu-jin shi. a novel glucose biosensor based on the immobilization of glucose oxidase on layer–by–layer assembly film of copper phthalocyanine functionalized graphene, electrochim. acta, 2013, 104: 178-184  (if = 4.803)

14. jing-ping zhong, you-jun fan*, hui wang, rui-xiang wang, li-li fan, xing-can shen, zu-jin shi. highly active pt nanoparticles on nickel phthalocyanine functionalized graphene nanosheets for methanol electrooxidation, electrochim. acta, 2013, 113: 653-660  (if = 4.803)

15. lu wei, you-jun fan*, na tian, zhi-you zhou, xue-qin zhao, bing-wei mao, shi-gang sun*. electrochemically shape-controlled synthesis in deep eutectic solvents---a new route to prepare pt nanocrystals enclosed by high-index facets with high catalytic activity, j. phys. chem. c, 2012, 116: 2040-2044  (if = 4.772)

16. lu wei, you-jun fan*, hong-hui wang, na tian, zhi-you zhou, shi-gang sun*. electrochemically shape-controlled synthesis in deep eutectic solvents of pt nanoflowers with enhanced activity for ethanol oxidation, electrochim. acta, 2012, 76: 468-474  (if = 4.803)

17. you-jun fan*, zhi-you zhou, chun-hua zhen, sheng-pei chen, shi-gang sun*. kinetics of dissociative adsorption of ethylene glycol on pt(s)-[n(100)×(111)] electrodes in acid solutions, electrochem. commun., 2011, 13: 506-508  (if = 4.847)

18. xiao-sha an, you-jun fan*, de-jun chen, qiang wang, zhi-you zhou, shi-gang sun*, enhanced activity of rare earth doped ptru/c catalysts for methanol electro-oxidation, electrochim. acta, 2011, 56: 8912-8918  (if = 4.803)

19. ruo-bing hou, ting-hong huang, xiu-jian wang*, xuan-feng jiang, qing-ling ni, liu-cheng gui, you-jun fan* and yi-liang tan, synthesis, structural characterization and luminescent properties of a series of cu(i) complexes based on polyphosphine ligands, dalton trans., 2011, 40: 7551-7558  (if = 4.197)

20. you-jun fan, chun-jie fan, chun-hua zhen, sheng-pei chen, shi-gang sun. electrochemical characterization of kinked pt(751) surface in acidic media, electrochim. acta, 2006, 52: 945-950 (if = 4.803)

21. you-jun fan, zhi-you zhou, chun-hua zhen, chun-jie fan, shi-gang sun. kinetics of dissociative adsorption of ethylene glycol on pt(100) electrode surface in sulfuric acid solutions, electrochim. acta, 2004, 49: 4659-4666  (if = 4.803)

22. yan-qin zhang, you-jun fan*, shan-shan wang, yi-liang tan, xing-can shen, zu-jin shi, facile fabrication of a graphene-based electrochemical biosensor for glucose detection, chin. j. chem., 2012, 30: 1163-1167

23. youjun fan, ratno nuryadi, zainal a. burhanudin, michiharu tabe. thermal agglomeration of ultrathin silicon-on-insulator layers: crystalline orientation dependence, jpn. j. appl. phys., 2008, 47: 1461-1464

24. chun-jie fan, you-jun fan, chun-hua zhen, qing-wei zheng, shi-gang sun. studies of surface processes of electrocatalytic reduction of co2 on pt(210), pt(310) and pt(510), science in china series b-chemistry, 2007, 50(5): 593-598

25. you-jun fan, zhi-you zhou, chun-jie fan, chun-hua zhen, sheng-pei chen, shi-gang sun. in situ time-resolved ftirs studies of adsorption and oxidation of ethylene glycol on pt(100) electrode, chinese science bulletin, 2005, 50(18): 1995-1998