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1. fangyuan cai,  bo hou,  shuping zhang,  hua chen*,  shi-chen ji,  xing-can shen*  and  hong liang, chromenoquinoline-based two-photon fluorescent probe for highly specific and fast visualizing sulfur dioxide derivatives in living cells and zebrafish, j. mater. chem. b, 2019, 10.1039/c9tb00179d

2. hua chen, wenqian liang, yang zhu, zhengxi guo, jing jian, bang-ping jiang, hong liang and xing-can shen*,supercharged fluorescent protein functionalized water-soluble poly(n-phenylglycine) nanoparticles for highly effective imaging-guided photothermal therapy, chem. commun., 2018, 54, 10292--10295if=6.29

3.hua chen, baoli dong, yonghe tang, weiying lin*, a unique integration strategy for the rational design of optically tunable near-infrared fluorophores, accounts of chemical research,2017, 50, 1410-1422 if=20.9

4.hua chen, huiming shang, yong liu, rui guo, and weiying lin*, development of a unique class of spiro-type two-photon fluorophores and their applications for sensing and bioimaging, advanced functional material2016, 44, 8128-8136if=13.32

5.hua chen,yonghe tang, mingguang ren, weiying lin*,single near-infrared fluorescent probe with high and low sensitivity sites for sensing different concentration ranges of biological thiols with distinct modes of fluorescence signals,chemical science,2016, 7 , 1896-1903.if=9.1 

6.hua chen, yonghe tang, weiying lin*, recent progress in the fluorescent probes for specific imaging of small molecular weight thiols in living cells,trends in analytical chemistry,2016, 76,166-181.if=8.44

7.hua chen, baoli dong, yonghe tang, weiying lin*. construction of a near-infrared fluorescent turn-on probe for selenol and its bioimaging application in living animals.  chemistry - a european journal2015, 21, 11696-11700.if=5.16

8.hua chen, weiying lin*, wenqing jiang, baoli dong, haijun cui, and yonghe tang. locked-flavylium fluorescent dyes with tunable emission wavelengths based on intramolecular charge transfer for multi-color ratiometric fluorescence imaging.chemical communications.2015, 51, 6968 -6971.if=6.29

9.hua chen, weiying lin*, haijun cui, wenqing jiang. development of unique xanthene-cyanine fused near-infrared fluorescent fluorophores with superior chemical stability for biological fluorescence imaging.chemistry - a european journal.2015,21, 733 -745. if=5.16

10.hua chen, yonghe tang, huiming shang, xiuqi kong, rui guo and weiying lin development of a unique family of two-photon full-color-tunable fluorescent materials for imaging in live subcellular organelles, cells, and tissues.journal of materials chemistry b, 2017, 5, 2436-2444if=4.77