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the research always pays attention to proceeding from reality, combining with guangxi resources and keeping up with the research frontier of bioinorganic chemistry, strengthening original innovation, and forming the characteristic research fields of serum albumin bioinorganic and traditional chinese medicine bioinorganic. the research results have been cited more than 20 times by domestic and foreign colleagues, and have made invitation reports and oral reports on many academic conferences related to inorganic chemistry, resulting in a certain degree of innovation. academic impact. at present, it undertakes three projects of the national natural science foundation of china (one of them is a key project in the region) and one special project in the early stage of the 973 project. two key projects of the ministry of education, one young teachers award project of the ministry of education, one supporting plan for excellent talents in the new century project of the ministry of education and many provincial and ministerial research topics have won two second prizes for scientific and technological progress in guangxi.