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we focuses on the strategic needs of the national innovation and development of traditional chinese medicine, aiming at the basic scientific issues of key pharmacodynamic substances in the study of modernization of traditional chinese medicine, aiming at the urgent needs of the economic and social development of guangxi, especially the development of 100 billion yuan industry of pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, and integrating multidisciplinary research based on the research of pharmaceutical resources chemistry and inorganic pharmaceutical chemistry. we are committed to the research and development of medicinal resources in guangxi and southwest china. we are mainly engaged in the research of the pharmacodynamic substance basis and mechanism of medicinal resources, the active precursors of medicinal resources and their metal pharmacochemistry, the transport system of pharmacodynamic substances of medicinal resources and drug carriers. over the past five years, the laboratory has made a number of high academic achievements in basic research. a total of 200 scientific research projects were undertaken with a total expenditure of 76.57 million yuan. among them, there are 73 national projects, including 4 sub-projects and 973 projects, 1 national natural science key project, 1 outstanding youth science fund and 1 instrument project. more than 700 academic papers have been published in international and domestic journals, and 494 papers have been included in sci.